Special session works its charm to cheer up locked-in magicians

BANGALORE, JUNE 2: If there is a bright side to the pandemic, it has to be the opportunity to attend a lot of online sessions with fellow magicians from across the world. It is this idea that has encouraged The Bangalore Ring to schedule not just our monthly meetings online, but also a lot of additional “special sessions” for our members and the larger magic community in India. 

Ring 177 hosted an open session on 30th May and we were happy to see good attendance and participation from our members and guests. We had no real agenda other than performing and (sometimes) sharing magic with our magician friends. And this meeting more than lived up to all expectations, spreading fun and cheer to everybody that joined in. 

As has been the norm in most of our recent meetings, the trick session was kicked off by the iTwins. Master Ishaan Shenoy performed a perfect coincidence effect, where a card selected by a volunteer was found predicted with two other cards – whose value and suit matched the freely chosen card! He was followed by Master Inesh Shenoy who performed a longish routine where aces appeared, transformed, vanished, and finally appeared in his pockets! 

Venu Vinjamoori produced a coin inside an empty clear plastic cup, and was kind enough to share the inner workings of making this effect work.  Dibya Guha came next and performed an over the internet effect, that created synchronicity with everybody playing along in their own homes. 

Prahlad Saldanha took inspiration from Nakul Shenoy’s “Hitchhiking the Matrix” act in the last meeting, and shared how he had worked on that idea and created a whole act around it. It was inspiring to all to see and learn the way Prahlad had worked on making an impossible prediction work. He was kind to share all the thoughts and nuances of making this effect work. 

Just when the members thought our minds were already blown, Nakul Shenoy then turned the tables on Prahlad by asking him to pull a book from the bookshelf behind him and went on to divine a word freely chosen by him. Master Inesh Shenoy, Dibya Guha, and Prahlad Saldanha then took turns and performed one effect after another, making this another fantastic outing (albeit inside our own houses) for all the attendees. 

  Other members that attended this fun session included Karthik Rao, Dr BLN Raju, Unusualist AJ, and Subramanian Cholayil. Before we knew it, two and half hours were up in what was meant to be a two hour session, and the members grudgingly called the special session to an end.

We now eagerly look forward to our monthly session that will be held on June 13th at 10:00AM IST, being the second Sunday of the month. 

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