Bangalore Ring Magicians get together to beat the April Blues

BANGALORE, APRIL 11: The Bangalore Ring met to host its monthly meeting on Sunday, April 11th. As has been the habit since the pandemic first wrested control of our world, the members of IBM Ring 177 met via a Zoom Meeting for the two hour monthly session.

The meeting was called to order by the Ring Secretary, Nakul Shenoy, who apprised the group of the latest news and updates of the Ring. Our newest and 30th member of The Bangalore Ring, Avinash Sridhar, was officially welcomed to the International Brotherhood of Magicians and the Ring by Karthik Rao, the Ring Treasurer.

Avinash Sridhar who joined our meeting way past his midnight from Connecticut, USA, introduced himself to the group and was welcomed by all the members. Avinash also got the trick session rolling with a wonderful over the screen synchronicity effect with a pack of playing cards.

Members of the Bangalore Ring make a happy picture at the April 2021 monthly meeting.

Master Inesh Shenoy and Master Ishaan Shenoy followed this with a couple of card effects. Inesh made the four aces appear at random places stopped by a spectator, and then he and Ishaan performed an impossible prediction effect, where a freely-selected, signed card exchanged places with a card that was kept in full view.

Karthik Rao, Avinash Sridhar, and Tharun Iyer all shared their experiences of a couple of magic effects they had procured recently, and other members weighed in on this with their thoughts. Nakul Shenoy then performed an over the zoom mind-reading effect where he divined a card that was chosen by one of the participants on the other side of the world.

This was followed by Tharun Iyer who showed off his prowess with a pack of cards, literally as he demonstrated a couple of cool cardistry moves. After that, Tharun blew everybody’s minds when he very visually inserted a card into the centre of the deck, only to have it return back on top.

Unusualist AJ brought the house down with a series of coin vanishes and transformations. His performance also brought the trick session to an end. Saurav Mohanty, Kumaran Anandan, and Dibya Guha were among the other members that joined the meeting today, making it so much interactive and fun.

The members have decided to host a special session next Sunday as a lot of other members had expressed their inability to join today, and expressed their availability and interest in a session next week. The topic of this session will be decided offline and communicated to all the members via our Signal group.

In addition to the regular activities of the Ring, Karthik Rao proposed that we have a Magic Book Club, that meets regularly to read, study, and discuss various magic books. The idea is to have a separate session with interested magicians to inculcate and help in the process of reading and learning from conjuring books.

The monthly meeting was called to an end by Nakul Shenoy, with the announcement that we would all meet on the 18th of April for a Special Session. Our next monthly meeting will be at 10:00AM IST on the 9th of May, being the second Sunday of that month.

Stay well, stay safe. Make Magic.

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