Magic in Full Flow at the March Meeting of the Bangalore Ring

BANGALORE, MARCH 14: While only a few members of IBM Ring 177 met for the March meeting on Sunday the 11th, they wholeheartedly proved that lesser attendance does not necessarily make lesser enthusiasm. As has been the recent norm, this meeting was conducted over Zoom, and our members joined in from all across India and one from the Middle East!

After a quick welcome and catch-up on sundry matters the meeting moved into the trick sessions. With each of the members performing multiple effects and sharing ideas, along tips and tricks, the meeting quickly became one of those where time just flies by!

Magicians try their hands at a coordinated pose, and fail miserably.

Dibya Guha, who joined us from Kolkata, shared his experience of getting a few of his effects published in Vanish and Genii magazine. All the members were very excited at this news, and insisted Dibya demonstrate these effects to us. After speaking of these effects, Dibya kicked off the Trick Session with a wonderful performance of an old and water effect with a few playing cards, which ended with a surprise appearance of the four queens.

Master Inesh Shenoy took the screen next and performed a neat card effect, where four cards freely selected by a volunteer transformed into the 4 Aces. He was followed by Nakul Shenoy, who performed a rather interesting “I know what you had for breakfast” prediction effect.

This inspired Dibya to come back with an interesting “What is your favourite chocolate?” effect, where he not only predicts the chocolate that the spectator wants, but also eats it!

Kumaran Anandan joining in from Chennai, performed an interesting truth or lie effect where the answers freely given by a spectator lead us to a predicted card on a clock-face. This inspired Nakul to jump in and use the card clock-face set up by Anandan to perform the Clock Mystery and make a prediction over Zoom.

Clifford Parakh joining us from Goa presented a variation of a three card monte, performed with four differently backed cards and a few coins! With each repeat, the effect only got more unbelievable. Just when we thought this could not be beaten, Subramanian Cholayil of Kerala introduced a small orb-like vial containing some green water. As he held it in his palm and concentrated, the water defied gravity and began rising up into the top of the vial. All the members agreed that is one of the most magical effects we have seen.

Dibya Guha then came back with an idea he has been working on and performed an interesting card prediction effect, where the prediction appears on a small everyday object. We are sure this is an idea he will share with the larger magic community soon, so we will hold on to the secret. Anand Omanakuttan joined the meeting from Bahrain, thus fulfilling the criteria to also make this monthly meeting “international”.

Before we knew it the two hours were up, and the members decided to catch up for a special session on Cups & Balls on the 28th of March. This will be the second session we are hosting on the most ancient of magic tricks. Our next monthly meeting will be held at 10AM on 11th of April, being the second Sunday of that month.

Stay safe, stay well. Make Magic!

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