The Bangalore Ring meets to usher in the New Year in Style

BANGALORE: January 10th saw the first meeting of the new year for the Bangalore Ring. While attendance was sparse, the enthusiasm was not. Among those that attended this session were Saurav Mohanty, Shankar Junior, Shameer Salim, and Nakul Shenoy.

Staying true to the Zoom world we have been locked in, Nakul began the proceedings with a couple of over the screen effects. Joining him were his sons Master Inesh Shenoy and Master Ishaan Shenoy, both of whom performed magic with cards. Inesh made four aces mysteriously appear from a well mixed deck, while Ishaan performed a “Pick a Card” effect.

A small gathering, but one that was utmost fun and magical!

Then it was the turn of our guest Shankar Junior to regale us with some of his recent experiments with packet card effects. He was kind enough to not only share the workings of these effects, but also share the nuances of making them play big. 

Shameer who joined us from the US, shared with us some of the recent developments in the world of magic apps, and performed a new effect that he’s been developing. The interactions were so interesting that we did not know how the two hours just swept by. The meeting was called to a close and the Ring 177 will meet again on the 14th of February.

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