Ring 177 to host All-India Magic Fiesta on September 13th

BANGALORE, AUGUST 22: Ring 177 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (USA) announced plans to host an All-India IBM MAGIC FIESTA on September 13th, 2020. This event coincides with the 56th anniversary of the Bangalore Ring, which was founded in September of 1964 by a group of enthusiastic magicians led by late Prof. S.K. Vasantha Kumar.

Keeping the COVID situation in mind, this year’s IBM Magic Fiesta will be hosted online via ZOOM and will be a full-day event, filled with performances, lectures, demonstrations, and members-only interactions. While the IBM Magic Fiesta is open to all current Indian members of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (USA), since this is an online event there may be a few surprise attendees from other parts of the world too.

The President of Ring 177, international shadow-caster Prahlad Acharya said, “we have finalised a few of our featured speakers and performers, and the line-up is already looking fantastic”. The most recent meeting of the Bangalore Ring was also held online and had 20 magicians from four countries taking part. “So the expectations are much higher with a full-day event,” he added.

Nakul Shenoy, the Secretary of Ring 177, has been busy coordinating with the various speakers and planning the sessions. “We are planning to host a unique mix of live and recorded sessions to maximise the possibility of people from different time-zones getting to be a part of this event,” said Nakul.

All in all, the excitement for the first online Magic Fiesta is high among the members of the International Brotherhood of Magicians in India, and they also expect a lot of magician guests to join in for this event. “There is always the hope that such events see an influx of new members and renewals of the membership by past members,” added Karthik Rao, the treasurer of the Ring.

We will let you know more about this event as we hear it. In the meantime, if you are interested in attending this Online IBM Magic Fiesta with Ring 177, get in touch and reserve your seats.

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