Venu Vinjamoori

Hyderabad, Telangana

Loves watching, listening, reading, and performing the art called Magic.

Venu Vinjamoori is a magic hobbyist, best known as Magician Viven. He started his magical journey during the summer vacation, when he was in 4th standard through a magic workshop led by Marri Ramesh, Hyderabad.

While he has never held magic as a full-time profession, he has also never had a long gap because of good friends like Magician Kishore, books, teachers like Magician Solyl Kundu (who introduced him to IBM), and a short association with Denny Lee at Maryland (USA).

Venu says he is lucky to have a Diploma in Magic from Telugu University, being a member of the SAM 3 Assembly in Chicago (started by Houdini himself), and being associated with the Chicago Magic Lounge and the Hyderabad Konjurors. Venu is a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (USA) and The Bangalore Ring.