Obituary: Magician Radharaman Azhakamkumarath

BANGALORE, AUGUST 27: The Bangalore Ring is sad to report the sudden demise of our beloved member, Radharam Azhakamkumarath of Palakkad, Kerala. Magician Radharaman passed away on the morning of August 11, 2021, which also happened to be his 70th birthday.

Mr Radharaman had earned his BE in Mechanical Engineering from NSS College in Palakkad, and joined the multinational company L&T for a long and successful career. His dedication and hard work earned him good roles and responsibilities throughout his career at L&T Group, where he retired as DGM. 

Magician Radharaman was a recent and active member of IBM Ring 177 and the International Brotherhood of Magicians (USA), and most energised by all things magic. His love towards magic had begun during his school days, and his favourite genre of magic remained Card Magic. To develop this, he got in touch with many famous magicians all around the world. In our most recent meeting, he spoke passionately about the Nikola Stack and about the comparisons of different stacks and memory systems.

He had also attended the most recent Annual Convention of the IBM and was very happy to have interacted with so many IBMers from across the world. In fact, even the prior night he was up late, discussing the nuances of setting up a zoom show with one of our members. Sadly, his dedicated journey in magic of over 55 years came to an abrupt end this month.  

Our heartfelt condolences at Magician Radharaman’s family and friends. He will be missed dearly by all our members and his magician friends around the world. We ask that you join us in praying for Magician Radharaman. May his soul be one with the Almighty.